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… Wait, what is this? Something I actually MADE and not fanart? Nonsense! Balderdash! I’ve never seen such a thing! Yes, well. Here it is. Just a little ditty I wrote for this character that has not done anything ever and therefore does not deserve a theme but gets one anyway.

I’ve wanted to make an RPG for a while but it was only after I spent a little time on the concept that I realized, “Wait, I can’t program games to save my soul.” Also, I was still stuck without a main character. But I had a cast of villains I liked, so I decided to keep them and maybe make one of those comic do-dads the kids are all so into these days out of them. For now, I’m calling it the Reverie Project in the post tags and stuff, because “reverie” is a cool word and adding “project” makes it sound more official, and of course I know these things, I’m about as good at them as Tom Sawyer is at being practical.

(Pro tip: “Maybe” means “this will not happen”)

I decided though to make themes for the characters first, so at least by the time I’ve given up on the project you’ll have some fine tunes to lend your ears to.

An FYI: this girl is not actually one of those characters. She’s the sister of one of my favorites of the bunch, who I thought should have a sibling for no reason. I won’t bother about telling you any sort of backstory for her just yet, and she probably won’t even be IN this series. So yes, I essentially wasted the past two days making this theme and picture for nothing. I might post her brother’s theme later, I  just don’t have a finished picture of him.


Expect more of these?
– Shivers


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  1. And you say you can’t play piano.

    • I did say that.
      I didn’t play this, I just put in the notes through means of the program. I used to do the thing where you hook up the keyboard like you’re supposed to, but, like I said, I can’t play. Also it’s a hassle.

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