I Drew an OC ~ Chimera Mirage

Chimera Mirage

Wow, I actually did something for the Reverie Project. I’m kind of surprised. But yeah, the goal of this one was to work in Photoshop and make some thick, sexy outlines in this new art style I’ve started doing (what, Shivers, with a new art style? That never happens!***), for character portrait kind of stuff like this.

Lo and behold: a beautiful Chimera Mirage. She’s a shy doppelganger who likes to follow people around and transform into them. Rarely speaks. Hence the uh, lack of a mouth (or maybe I just suck at drawing :P).

I should probably go a little more in depth on what this project is actually about, since I seem to be dancing around the idea while not actually explaining it. Though I don’t really want to, because then the ideas will be THERE and PUBLISHED and I can’t even skimp out on doing this whole thing anyway. But whatever.

Reverie, a story still stuck in the mental stages, is a story about friendship. (Cricket, cricket) It is told from the perspective of a girl who is sucked into the adventures of an ambitious group of young rapscallions, among them a matchmaker who fails to make matches, the gentleman she’s currently working to find a partner for, a charismatic bass player, and his girlfriend, who is at this point a piece of cardboard as far as character depth goes. They travel the word, each trying to complete their own goals, dragging the main character, who at this point is pretty emo, into all their adventures. Throughout their early episodes they run into a motley of designated boss characters, who make them realize the corruption of the world they’re living in, and decide to deviate from their tasks and solve some pretty big problems going on worldwide. All the meanwhile, protagonist character is being stalked by a mysterious boy, whom she believes to be dangerous, and she soon finds out she’s pretty dang right.

But I digress. There’s a little gist of the first half. I want the story to start as most things seem to do, by opening with a sort of romantic comedy kind of thing that slowly transitions into thriller/horror/action extravaganza. Though at this point I am still not sure whether I should make it a typed story with pictures and links to the soundtrack (because there MUST. BE. A. SOUNDTRACK.) as the chapters roll along, or a comic with said links in order to incorporate artwork in a better way, or a flash that’s like an animated comic (expect many a motion tween), so the music and art can be integrated optimally (woah big phrases @_@), which I would like to do the most, but well, my work ethic sucks. So.

That’s enough rambling to myself for now, though. Right now what I’m mainly working on is getting character themes done (and some are done, so, like I said, if I quit this then at least there’s still music to be had), art improved so I can do more portraits, and generally more characters, well, developed, because the cast needs to be huge. Because I love huge casts.

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  • *** To those of you who didn’t get this, since only like five people read this blog anyway, feel free to take a look at the archives and see my art style ADD in action!
    … Or just look through the archives anyway because I worked so hard on all that nice stuff. ❤
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  • The term OC makes me cringe. Maybe it’s because I’m so guilty of making them.

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