Samara Morgan Cries

The Ring Samara Morgan crying

Guess what, world! I watched The Ring again! (Check out my post after watching it the first time! šŸ˜¦ ) This round, it was more enjoyable, mainly because…

  1. I watched it during the day, and not when I should have been asleep.
  2. I was playing Transformice while watching.
  3. I watched it on the computer, therefore Samara coming of a television = no threat.
  4. Since I was multi-tasking, it wasn’t even fullscreen.
  5. Having seen it once already, it’s easier to focus more on how cute Samara is and less on how she’s scaring the crap out of you.

Problem, Gore Verbinski?

You may be asking why I decided to watch this wonderful movie yet another time. It’s probably because I had some dreams about Samara and her general huggable-ness/lack thereof, one in which she saved me and my friend from some thugs in an alley (I dun even), one in which we were best friends and we were going to email each other, and recently one where she was trying to electrocute (electric -> electrOcute? Dang English language!) her mom and cut her with a knife at the same time, because her mom wouldn’t let her see her boyfriend. Or something. I don’t know, because in the meantime I was having a gym class and trying to get out of a forest and taking some exam for science in which I rambled to my teacher my entire life’s story and how it relates to science (which I conveniently never got around to). That’s my sub-conscience for you. Don’t worry, it’s been worse.

That last one inspired me to make this wallpaper of Samara crying. Also, I wanted to draw someone crying, for practice and whatever. Also, Samara is cute. Case closed. The point is, she’s miserable out of her mind about her imaginary boyfriend, so you should be a jerk about it and make this your wallpaper. Hurrah, schadenfreude.

I really need to go to sleep.


  • For some reason, there was something wonderfully satisfying for me about Samara’s absolute hatred for her mother in that dream. I repeat: schadenfreude.
  • Go look up schadenfreude.
  • Unless, of course, you already know what it means.
  • I found the word on TV Tropes.
  • I hope you didn’t get nightmares clicking on that “Samara is cute” link or anything, because that would probably freak me out if I wasn’t expecting it. Like, that image could be used in a screamer video. This picture too.
  • Screamer videos are scary! D:>

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