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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Wallpaper

It’s the big fat Higurashi post. Click the image for the full size and download Hojo Satoko, Sonozaki Mion, Maebara Keiichi, Ryuugu Rena, Sonozaki Shion, and Furude Rika right onto your computer! Wow the internet is so incredible. But I digress.

Higurashi. Is. An. Awesome. Series. I watched the first two seasons (because Rei just kind of looked like Bucky’s one-man side show over there) when I was sick (wait, I’m always sick) and all I can say is wow-y gee zowy kaplowy with a cherry banana splits on top, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is one great anime series, if not a mouthful of a title. I can honestly say I had like two fangasms watching, one of them because Hanyuu is the cutest thing ever, no arguments, and one of them was because my least favorite character was being stabbed to death. I sure am a great person.

For an extensive history you don’t want to hear of my ambivalent personality in regards to Higurashi, I wanted to watch it a couple of years ago (yknow, for the pointless violence! Yeah!!) but was turned off by the general silliness of the first episode (the general pattern of each arc is transitioning from silly comedy to dark horror and death and other things I like for no reason over the course of a few episodes), also Satoko, and I thought the opening song was quote-unquote “weird,” so in other words, I had just fallen off the back of a turnip truck, because the theme song (also called Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni for extra confusion points!) is actually the shiz, not even gonna lie here.

Then something made me want to watch it again. I can’t remember what, nor do I want to, though it might have been seeing a picture of Rena Ryuugu and being like “hey it’s that one murderer girl I should probably watch that anime sometime.”

Will I describe Higurashi’s plot or characters? No. I will plug the reason I made this image, which is just as good! (No it’s not) Both Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Kai’s opening songs are awesomely awesomely awesome with a pile of metal shavings on top, so I decided to do fandubs of them. But I can’t really be dubbed an overachiever (this is achieving?!) if I don’t spend hours (days. weeks. months. eons.) making background pictures for all my videos, which get about fifty views each anyway (hey, fifty people is forty-nine more than expected), so I made this image. Hooray!

You can check out the English fandubs of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and Naraku no Hana by clicking those links.

– Shivers/Ragtime/SOMEBODY.

Post Notes

  • Putting adjectives like “cool” and “awesome” before the post title tends to get it more views, and by that I mean that the two posts that happened to have “awesome” in the title are my two most popular. I wonder if I just put a slur of random adjectives before it I might get more views. _muses
  • Bucky is not actually a person. Bucky does not actually have a side show.
  • Ok, I think I enjoy Satoko’s death scene way to much. I think I should see a therapist about that.
  • I hate Satoko. Can you tell?
  • I didn’t include her in the tags. :3

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