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Who are you?

My name is Ragtime! No, that’s just my internet persona… but you get the idea. That girl with the hat you might see me draw (or not, because art is hard =D), that’s me. Why “Ragtime?” Because I like the word! Anyway,  you might be a little confused, because my old internet name was Shivers1231 (just me thinking of the first random generic username that came to mind), and before that it was Teensyweensy (friend’s idea, you wouldn’t believe the kind of questions I get), and sometimes I go by Vaati, so… yeah it’s kind of confusing. Long story short: call me Ragtime. Or Raggy. Or Rag. Or Raggaspaggalorumipsumhoodlytoodlyticketysticketywicketyboo. Y’know, your choice.

Like everyone at the age of *insert angsty teenage year here*, I am, in fact, an angsty teenager, like Harry Potter, or really more so Ron Weasley, because I mean he’s really annoying and fair-weathered in every book past the third one and I just sort of wanted to stuff the little rat down a drain sometimes DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING. So yeah, I’m kind of CRANKY.

Also, just a tiddlybit of note, I have IBS, i.e. a horrendous stomach that hurts all the time and makes me sad! I’m only mentioning it because if I know you or if you read these posts I am apt to complain about it. All the time. Forever.

I’m 12 and what is this?

Good question, I’m kind of wondering that myself. I guess this site all started when I was in seventh grade and thought, “Hey. I’m awesome. (*adjusts trousers*) ALSO I like NARUTO and draw ANIME. Like SUPER DUPER WELL (this is a lie). I should make MY OWN WEBSITE so people have a place to (*uses inhaler*) MARVEL AT MY AWESOME (*has no friends*).” Probably not in those exact words. But anyway, being the young connoisseur (that took like eight tries to spell) I was at MAKING WEBSITES ONLINE USING FREEWEBS AND WORDPRESS AND NOTHING ELSE, I got cracking. And this thing came out. I’ve tried (read: failed) to keep it strictly an art blog, but sometimes my other OCD thoughts leak in there too, like when I post my silly fanfictions no one wants to read (oh, to be young and foolish again) or talk about the life I apparently have. Recently I’ve turned it into a mashup of art, writing, and music tricks and tips.

Why are you so weird, you are scaring my children.

My heroes are Daniel Handler and Yakko Warner. I guess that kind of sums it up.

Tell me more about your FASCINATING INTERESTS.

That’s not a question, gtfo.

Can you tell me more about your now much less fascinating interests? T_T

Well, if you insist. If it isn’t obvious by one scroll through the archives or even the categories that I’m pretty much an otaku at heart, then you are probably too distra– omnomnom Poptarts. Anyway, aside from being kawaii desu all the time, I enjoy teh vidja gamz and mainly am an avid fan (i.e. worshipper) of The World Ends With You, though I also perk my ears a bit to Professor Layton, Bomberman, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda games.

I like to read, namely nonfiction books about boring things like psychology and publishing houses, but sometimes I just like to get down to some completely mature Gail Carson Levine. I love a good horror movie, especially the JAPANESE-BASED ONEZ BECAUSE JAPAN IS SO AWESHUM1!11!!one!!!!, and slice of life and romcoms make me die a little inside.

In my free time I enjoy murder being a hipster, annoying my cat, playing piano, writing trollfics and silly screenplays, THE THEATAH (also overacting in general), singing like an opera star wannabe, and complaining. Clearly, I am fun to be around.

I am [*insert age that is over 11*] and I feel the style through which you choose to express yourself is gauche, unnecessarily complicated, and painful to look at, I think I will go burn my eyes out now. Am I doin it rite?

To interpret your question wrong and take it off in a totally different direction in order to avoid anymore BASELESS BASHING OF MY BEAUTIFUL PROSE, I guess the targeted audience for this silly blog would be anyone who can stand the casual and comment-riddled sort of way with which I choose to write, preferably those who are IN ON THE HIPSTA SCENE and get all the internet references (sorry Ellie, pack it up and go home), etc. etc., which is needless to say, but whatever. aT lest i dnt’o typ liek d1s!11!!one!!

I love/hate you. How can I contact you to send Valentines/bear traps?

Just head over to the Find Me page, and ALL YOUR PROBLEMS WILL BE SOLVED. *rainbow*

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