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Cute Legend of Zelda Wallpaper (Link Sleeping!)


Legend of Zelda Link sleeping on your desktopRats, Link fell asleep on your desktop again! Every week this happens, God, somebody get him some coffee or something. Whatever, at least you get a free wallpaper. O3O
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I Drew an OC ~ Chimera Mirage

Chimera Mirage

Wow, I actually did something for the Reverie Project. I’m kind of surprised. But yeah, the goal of this one was to work in Photoshop and make some thick, sexy outlines in this new art style I’ve started doing (what, Shivers, with a new art style? That never happens!***), for character portrait kind of stuff like this.
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It’s Randall, He Changes Colors!

Randall, from Monsters Inc.

I caught some sort of stomach flu last Monday/Tuesday, and I daresay it was not a fun experience. On Monday I basically slept for a few hours, then moved to a different room and watched some hardcore PBS Sprout, probably the best channel ever. I mean, it has Kipper and Angelina Ballerina.

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Professor Layton’s Cup of Tea

Professor Layton with some tea

LAAAAYYYTTOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!! Dang, Layton’s shoes are ugly! I mean, look at those things! They’re green slabs with lines on them! Here’s a puzzle for you: where did the Professor buy those things?!

But I digress. This is the second of, hopefully, five pieces (don’t I sound professional!) I want to draw for my binders. The first being Marisa, as featured in a previous post. If you haven’t guessed, this one’s for English, because Professor Layton is, well, a professor (SPOILER ALERT!), and I’m going to assume he reads (not to mention he uh, is English).
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LostWinds and How I Raged

Toku and the Melodia King Lostwinds That lantern is an atrocity. But I digress. After countless hours of sacrificing my sanity to play these games, suffering through inexplicably confusing boss battle and glorb monster like, I was finally rewarded by the eccentric WiiWare series that is LostWinds by a heartwarming escort mission of sorts — bringing the King of Melodias from his resting place back to his fallen kingdom, taken over by a dArK aNd MyStErIoUs PoWeR O3O. It was really refreshing after putting up with things like “Hey find my duck because I’m too lazy, no that’s not him, no that’s not him, no that’s not him — oh wait it is but it wasn’t an hour ago because you looked in the wrong order,” (not kidding) so I decided it needed a drawing. Read the rest of this entry