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Vocaloid Gakupo Chibi | (+ Minamimoto Stuff!)

Vocaloid Gakupo, the dancing samurai!

Why didn't I put any eggplants in there D:?

Hello all! February 2010’s theme is Vocaloid, so I’ve started things off with a less popular character, Gakupo Kamui, the dancing eggplant Samurai. No really. I’m serious.

The Vocaloid wiki says:
Kamui Gakupo has a samurai aesthetic—the Vocaloid is clad in a Jinbaori, a kind of kimono which was used as a battle surcoat, with parts of Japanese armor, and carries a katana which was named “Music katana, Miburi”(楽刀・美振,Gakutou Miburi). The patterns on its blade make sounds as a musical instrument when it is swung down. [6] His fanmade character item is an eggplant.

The hardest part of drawing Gakupo here was probably the outfit. It’s pretty dang confusing with its many layers and buttons. I tried out my new eye style again, and I think it looks good with this piece. Though my brother, on the other hand, thought it looked weird. How unfortunate. I decided the hair looked better flat, and not shaded, in case you’re wondering why it’s like that.

Tell me what you think ;D. I might make some wallpaper with it later.
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IT’S KIRA TIME | Light Yagami Wallpaper & Avatar

No, Light, no! Oh dear God, if Light came into my room with a belt I’d probably scream and hide under my bed. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, google “it’s goofy time” and take a look at those images. Yeaaah.

L, did you know that death gods only eat apples?

L, did you know that death gods only eat apples?

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Wind Waker Link (and Binder Art!)

(Just posting some of my old stuff…)

I was at a friend’s house recently, and we spent the time playing Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, a game I haven’t touched since I was little (maybe that’s because we lost our copy >_>). I was a little sloppy at the controls (heheh… a little…), but I still enjoyed it! So much, in fact, that I decided to draw something. Guess what it is!
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Zetta Awesome Wallpaper

Attention, factoring hectopascals – I just realized I’m drinking a different flavor of SoBe than I usually drink, and I couldn’t tell until I looked at the label. I must really be sick.

But anyway, what happens when I need new Sho Minamimoto wallpaper for one of my computers, but am too lazy to find one on the internet?!?

Sho Minamimoto Wallpaper
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EoSD Avies

At the bottom of this post you’ll find some animated forum avatars featuring the boss lineup of Touhou 6, or Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

In the game, you play as either Reimu Hakurei or Marisa Kirisame, who are making attempts to uncover the source of the mysterious red fog that’s covered the land (hooray for Touhou and its terrible plots). You head across the lake to find the young youkai Rumia, and later the famous ice fairy Cirno, whose incredibly large fanbase is second in size only to her enormous ego (“eye’m teh strongest!”).
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