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Flandre Sits While I Play Unfitting Music

Flandre Scarlet Sits!!

Click for five juicy frames of Flandre. Long story short, I was playing Touhou and facing Flandre Scarlet with the music off and my iTunes running on another computer (the heck if one of them could run a Touhou game and iTunes at the same time), and Animal Crossing 5:00 AM music came on (think about that for a second) and I mused over the fact that it was pleasantly unfitting to the current scenario.
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Sho’s Finally Lost It | A Minamimoto Animation

Sho Minamimoto animation

The preview for a four-frame animation.

So today I was cleaning my room for like, eight hours (exciting, I know), and by “cleaning my room”, I mean “strenuously organizing my desk and the massive amount of things on it, and yes, it seriously. took. eight. hours.” Along the way, I had a look at my old, beaten-down miniature dry-erase board. At the time, all it said on it was “OMG”. I decided to move it onto some new, cleared space on my desk (as opposed to the inconspicuous spot it previously held on the dresser top), but not without erasing its creative message and drawing something amazing.
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Catch the Baudelaires | Challenging Flash Game

Can you catch those pesky orphans?

Behold, the product of 10+ hours, 120+ layers, ∞+ problems, and 900+ lines of actionscript (copypasta RULES). I said it’d be done by Wednesday, but, as you can see, I lied, and for a good reason. This thing was more than I bargained for. Regardless, it’s done, and I’m grateful for that this Thanksgiving.
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Neku Swing, Neku Swing (+ Sho Fanfiction )

Neku Swing Preview

Fall in love and you'll get knocked down!

Hooray! My first actual animation! Enjoy! Everything turned out pretty well save Joshua’s changing feet. I used IOSYS’s “Oeyama Giant Swing” flash as a reference (and added an extra frame to make the animation a little smoother), so that’s what this is parodying.

However Josh was able to do this to Neku remains forever a mystery.

Originally, I was going to color this, but changed my mind because it was taking too long and I wanted to get it posted along with my next subject of writing…

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Pi-Face Animation (+TWEWY Review)

Pi-Face Dance Flash Preview
Another flash, ze~. This one is about Mr. Sho Minamimoto, the famous grim heaper from Square Enix’s The World Ends With You (best. game. evarrr). He’s doing a dance to The Pi Song. I forgot who it’s by… was it Hard ‘N Phirm…?
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