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Artwork done with paper and pencil that I scanned is put here.

Samara Comes Out of the Well

Samara in a well

I watched The Ring! Yay! Except not, because I watched it right before bed, and then I was really depressed. I guess it was a sad movie, because I was depressed today too.
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Link, He Come to Town…

…he come to save… the Princess Zelda, Gannon took her away…

You know the rest. Unless you don’t. Then you don’t know the rest. XD

Anyway, I think I’m basically done changing up the appearance of the site, and as you can see, we have a new banner. It has Link on it! Isn’t he cute? Not only does it look good, but for once it’s actually a full-body picture, see?
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Latias in Love

Had a Pokemon-drawing contest with my brother, and this is the result!
It’s a Latias tugging on a Drifloon because it likes it or something.



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Welp, I haven’t gotten much done on the Hyadain thing ^_^
I’m working on The Interactive Canada Map 2.0!!!!!, which at this point is about one third done. So far it looks 1000x better than the original, and this one has three different modes to view provinces, capitals, and geography. Plus it has a loading bar.

Stay tuned…!


Nazrin Drawing

So I was on Youtube today… listening to Nazrin’s theme from Unidentified Fantastic Object, the latest Touhou game. After almost immediately falling in love with the song I decided to draw Nazrin herself. Here’s what happened:

It's Nazrin, the tiny, tiny, clever mouse commander.

It's Nazrin, the tiny, tiny, clever mouse commander.

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Anime Thunder Wolf Sketch

I drew a wolf thing!!! YAY!!! It’s like…a  thunder wolf…. or something. Take a look.

A Thunder Wolf

A Thunder Wolf

Click the pic to see it larger and more pixely. Anyway, it’s not very good, but it’s kinda cool. I mean, it got really pixelated in the scan and the fur is… all over the place. Yeah. But if you like it, good for you.

So… okay… flash updates. I haven’t gotten anything done (I’m lazy! Tada!) but I have a lot of project ideas (for when I finish the Hyadain parody).

That’s it.

– S