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Samara Comes Out of the Well

Samara in a well

I watched The Ring! Yay! Except not, because I watched it right before bed, and then I was really depressed. I guess it was a sad movie, because I was depressed today too.
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Vocaloid Gakupo Chibi | (+ Minamimoto Stuff!)

Vocaloid Gakupo, the dancing samurai!

Why didn't I put any eggplants in there D:?

Hello all! February 2010’s theme is Vocaloid, so I’ve started things off with a less popular character, Gakupo Kamui, the dancing eggplant Samurai. No really. I’m serious.

The Vocaloid wiki says:
Kamui Gakupo has a samurai aesthetic—the Vocaloid is clad in a Jinbaori, a kind of kimono which was used as a battle surcoat, with parts of Japanese armor, and carries a katana which was named “Music katana, Miburi”(楽刀・美振,Gakutou Miburi). The patterns on its blade make sounds as a musical instrument when it is swung down. [6] His fanmade character item is an eggplant.

The hardest part of drawing Gakupo here was probably the outfit. It’s pretty dang confusing with its many layers and buttons. I tried out my new eye style again, and I think it looks good with this piece. Though my brother, on the other hand, thought it looked weird. How unfortunate. I decided the hair looked better flat, and not shaded, in case you’re wondering why it’s like that.

Tell me what you think ;D. I might make some wallpaper with it later.
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Sho’s Finally Lost It | A Minamimoto Animation

Sho Minamimoto animation

The preview for a four-frame animation.

So today I was cleaning my room for like, eight hours (exciting, I know), and by “cleaning my room”, I mean “strenuously organizing my desk and the massive amount of things on it, and yes, it seriously. took. eight. hours.” Along the way, I had a look at my old, beaten-down miniature dry-erase board. At the time, all it said on it was “OMG”. I decided to move it onto some new, cleared space on my desk (as opposed to the inconspicuous spot it previously held on the dresser top), but not without erasing its creative message and drawing something amazing.
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Happy Birthday Pengy |+ Itachi Lineart

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you~...

Today’s my friend Pengy’s birthday! I totally forgot this morning! At least I didn’t forget to make a little Photoshop thingy and dedicate a post half a post to you! Have a swell day. … … I don’t even think this is half a post. Dang I’m lazy. Well, I guess I could create some sort of filler so this looks longer and more meaningful than it actually is…
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Ready?! | Regulus (+ BULZEEB) Fanart


Hardly fanart, when I've contorted the character this much.

Hi! I just got back from the allergy doctor, where I was painfully syringed on both arms and told to wait for twenty minutes! Hoorah!

So my brother and I have been playing Bomberman 64: The Second Attack — rather, he is playing while I, as Pommy, am running around jumping off cliffs and tripping over enemies — and it is bushels of co-op fun! A sequel to the amazing Bomberman 64, this puzzle-riddled action-adventure game involves the arduous quest of seeking the seven elemental stones in order to stop the space pirate Rukifellth (<- terrible name), who is being possessed by the god of evil, Stertoth (<- terrible name) in order to escape the black hole he and Pommy were sucked into. Oh dear. For a better description, go here.

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