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The underrated game series created by Hudson Soft, surrounded on the adventures of White Bomber. You blow stuff up. It’s pretty cool.

Ready?! | Regulus (+ BULZEEB) Fanart


Hardly fanart, when I've contorted the character this much.

Hi! I just got back from the allergy doctor, where I was painfully syringed on both arms and told to wait for twenty minutes! Hoorah!

So my brother and I have been playing Bomberman 64: The Second Attack — rather, he is playing while I, as Pommy, am running around jumping off cliffs and tripping over enemies — and it is bushels of co-op fun! A sequel to the amazing Bomberman 64, this puzzle-riddled action-adventure game involves the arduous quest of seeking the seven elemental stones in order to stop the space pirate Rukifellth (<- terrible name), who is being possessed by the god of evil, Stertoth (<- terrible name) in order to escape the black hole he and Pommy were sucked into. Oh dear. For a better description, go here.

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[Literally] Explosive Wallpaper! | Bomberman Desktop Background

Bomberman wallpaper

You can't handle teh explosive wallpaper!!

HELLO LADIES AND GENTS, it is currently Late ‘o-Clock, and I am currently shoveling Cocoa Rice Krispies by the boxful. Mmmm… calories.

I apologize for not posting earlier, especially considering I’ve had this wallpaper done since December 3rd, but I’ve been ailed with constant stomach problems. My doctors don’t know what the trouble is, but my family believes it’s a wheat allergy, so here I am, stuck with gluten-free cookies, rice toast and tofu products. Fortunately, I’ve been feeling a teensy-weensy bit better and have been able to get on the computer to take a gander at my wittle website communities (can you believe I had 300+ deviations on DeviantArt and only about nine messages?! Blasphemy!) and update this blog.

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