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Hiromu Arakawa’s cool-as-a-cucumber anime/manga series, featuring the episodes of two alchemists and their conflicts with the government. Plus Armstrong. What more could you want?

Roy x Riza Fanart

Don’t worry, it’s just a pic of them next to each other, lolz.

I have to say, RoyxRiza is basically the only anime couple I support. That’s probably because they not only look cute together but it seems so cannon. I just finished reading FMA 10, and when Riza thinks Roy is dead she freaking has no will to live and gives up. LOL.
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Edward Elric! OMG!

Why hello there! If you haven’t already guessed by now, this month’s theme is going to be… Fullmetal Alchemist. I was considering making it Flash tutorials, but… that would be unspeakably dull, yes? Indeed. To kick off the theme, it’s Edward Elric! Hoorah! Now with two expressions:

Normal Face ._.D8

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