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LostWinds and How I Raged

Toku and the Melodia King Lostwinds That lantern is an atrocity. But I digress. After countless hours of sacrificing my sanity to play these games, suffering through inexplicably confusing boss battle and glorb monster like, I was finally rewarded by the eccentric WiiWare series that is LostWinds by a heartwarming escort mission of sorts — bringing the King of Melodias from his resting place back to his fallen kingdom, taken over by a dArK aNd MyStErIoUs PoWeR O3O. It was really refreshing after putting up with things like “Hey find my duck because I’m too lazy, no that’s not him, no that’s not him, no that’s not him — oh wait it is but it wasn’t an hour ago because you looked in the wrong order,” (not kidding) so I decided it needed a drawing. Read the rest of this entry