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The incredibly familiar anime series spawned by Masashi Kishimoto, featuring the adventures of a tedious young bunch of ninjas, one of which dresses in an egregious bright orange jumpsuit.

Happy Birthday Pengy |+ Itachi Lineart

Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you~...

Today’s my friend Pengy’s birthday! I totally forgot this morning! At least I didn’t forget to make a little Photoshop thingy and dedicate a post half a post to you! Have a swell day. … … I don’t even think this is half a post. Dang I’m lazy. Well, I guess I could create some sort of filler so this looks longer and more meaningful than it actually is…
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Naruto: Sasuke Wallpaper | A Photoshop Tutorial

I haven’t posted a tutorial in a long time, so I’d like to share some tips on creating a wallpaper with this fun step-by-step lesson. Here’s what we’re making:

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha NINJA WALLPAPER

Some basic anime wallpaper made in Photoshop

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Naruto Wallpapers | Uzumaki and Gaara

Naruto ninja desktop background

Naruto strikes a ninja pose on this fabulous orange wallpaper.

What’s this? Am I posting? What a foreign blog concept! Bah, you know me, busy as always. Especially this time of year, during exam season, where the rare semester exams migrate from the southern points of teachers’ desks onto the northern point of the students’. Plus I’ve been rummaging my brother’s bookshelves and piling up books for me to read. I’m considering starting a new sister blog to this one for book reviews, since I read so many! What do you think? 😀
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Kiki’s Delivery Service Chibi (and More!)

Yay! It’s May! Yay for May! May for yay! Etc. Anyway, it’s the first day of our STUDIO GHIBLI MONTH! Woot. To kick off, I made a chibi of a character from one of the classic-er movies, Kiki’s Delivery Service. That was what, the second Ghibli movie I ever saw? Yeah… it was on Disney Channel. We recorded it. Lol (the first was My Neighbor Totoro).
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Deidara Senpai and Fractal Wallpaper

Naruto Akatsuki Tobi Deidara Senpai

Lol that face cracks me up XD XD. Anyway, guess who’s bugging Deidara. That’s right, it’s Tobi. Or… some sort of Tobi fairy thing, because he’s really small. I call him Tiny Tobi. The background is composed of a bunch of Tiny Tobis that I distorted with effects. ^_^ How fun. Read the rest of this entry