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Pokemon Wigglytuff Wallpaper

Pokemon Wigglytuff Pink Desktop Wallpaper

Some cute wigglytuff Pokemon wallpaper

A friend of mine reminded me of this beautiful Pokemon wallpaper I made. I can’t remember why I made it, but here’s a lovely Wigglytuff desktop, with his mantra from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness/Time, “Yoom-tah”. Needless to say wigglytuff is the greatest Pokemon of all time. So be a man, and download this pink wigglytuff wallpaper.

– Shivers
.. (In retrospect, I should have added this during Pokemon month)


Rival Silver | Passerby Boy, HeartGold, and SoulSilver

Pokemon HGSS/GSC Rival Silver

... would like to battle!

Oh no, you saw his name! Here we have the new and improved graphically but somewhat watered down otherwise Silver, the darkest and therefore coolest rival of the Pokemon series (well, there ain’t much competition…), scoring another point for the monstrous total belonging to the second gen. games.

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Fiery Vulpix & New Pokemon Games!

Pokemon Vulpix


[Insert random speech about never posting here]

Recently, I was playing one of the new Pokemon games, SoulSilver (heck yeahhhh), when I caught a wild Vulpix and thought about how cool it and its evolution look and how I’ve never used one on my team in my life because I usually pick the fire starter.
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