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Professor Layton’s Cup of Tea

Professor Layton with some tea

LAAAAYYYTTOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!! Dang, Layton’s shoes are ugly! I mean, look at those things! They’re green slabs with lines on them! Here’s a puzzle for you: where did the Professor buy those things?!

But I digress. This is the second of, hopefully, five pieces (don’t I sound professional!) I want to draw for my binders. The first being Marisa, as featured in a previous┬ápost. If you haven’t guessed, this one’s for English, because Professor Layton is, well, a professor (SPOILER ALERT!), and I’m going to assume he reads (not to mention he uh, is English).
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Puzzling Professor Layton Wallpaper

Intriguing Professor Hershel Layton Wallpaper

Professor Layton in rufous red

Ain’t it minimalist? I made it in Adobe Fireworks out of curiosity to see what I could do after adjusting so much to Photoshop and its far superior library of tools and out of a need for a Professor Layton background. Anyway, here we have Hershel Layton in a puzzling red wallpaper. Click the image for the full size.
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