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Computer game series created by the one-man team, Team Shanghai Alice (aka ZUN). The franchise is known best for its amazing music and fantastic characters.

Flandre Sits While I Play Unfitting Music

Flandre Scarlet Sits!!

Click for five juicy frames of Flandre. Long story short, I was playing Touhou and facing Flandre Scarlet with the music off and my iTunes running on another computer (the heck if one of them could run a Touhou game and iTunes at the same time), and Animal Crossing 5:00 AM music came on (think about that for a second) and I mused over the fact that it was pleasantly unfitting to the current scenario.
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A Drafty Marisa Kirisame

ZUN Touhou Marisa Kirisame
(… She blew something up again, didn’t she.) Like last year, I am making art for all my school binders, which is kind of lame, because it means that instead of ogling the pretty design supplies with polka-dots and frogs on them, I opt for the egregiously dull plain solid colors. Yaaaay.

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Touhou Tablet Doodles

Hakurei Reimu AS A COW

So I got a tablet. So my brother got a tablet for his birthday and uh, I stole it. In this post you will see the fruits of my practice with this AMAZING DEVICE in a motley of programs. Also, I haven’t used the word motley for a really long tme. Motley motley motley motley motley motley motley

What you see above is none other than Hakurei Reimu as uh… err… a cow (Reimu? RayMOO? Hahahahahah). Made in Paint Tool Sai, which I downladed eons ago and which the trial ran out for, so I sort of had to take a screenshot of the image (free trial expiring disables the save/export functions -.-…). But wait, there’s MORE…

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Vocaloid Gakupo Chibi | (+ Minamimoto Stuff!)

Vocaloid Gakupo, the dancing samurai!

Why didn't I put any eggplants in there D:?

Hello all! February 2010’s theme is Vocaloid, so I’ve started things off with a less popular character, Gakupo Kamui, the dancing eggplant Samurai. No really. I’m serious.

The Vocaloid wiki says:
Kamui Gakupo has a samurai aesthetic—the Vocaloid is clad in a Jinbaori, a kind of kimono which was used as a battle surcoat, with parts of Japanese armor, and carries a katana which was named “Music katana, Miburi”(楽刀・美振,Gakutou Miburi). The patterns on its blade make sounds as a musical instrument when it is swung down. [6] His fanmade character item is an eggplant.

The hardest part of drawing Gakupo here was probably the outfit. It’s pretty dang confusing with its many layers and buttons. I tried out my new eye style again, and I think it looks good with this piece. Though my brother, on the other hand, thought it looked weird. How unfortunate. I decided the hair looked better flat, and not shaded, in case you’re wondering why it’s like that.

Tell me what you think ;D. I might make some wallpaper with it later.
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Pumpkins Don’t Like Puns (+ Yukari’s Theme)

"Pumpkins Don't Like Puns" Flash Preview
Click the image to see a flash comic, featuring pumpkins (HUZZAH I ACTUALLY KEPT MY PROMISE AND MADE A FLASH!)! Halloween may be two months away, but that doesn’t stop Shioiri from making a holiday contest, nor does it stop me from entering it.
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