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LostWinds and How I Raged

Toku and the Melodia King Lostwinds That lantern is an atrocity. But I digress. After countless hours of sacrificing my sanity to play these games, suffering through inexplicably confusing boss battle and glorb monster like, I was finally rewarded by the eccentric WiiWare series that is LostWinds by a heartwarming escort mission of sorts — bringing the King of Melodias from his resting place back to his fallen kingdom, taken over by a dArK aNd MyStErIoUs PoWeR O3O. It was really refreshing after putting up with things like “Hey find my duck because I’m too lazy, no that’s not him, no that’s not him, no that’s not him — oh wait it is but it wasn’t an hour ago because you looked in the wrong order,” (not kidding) so I decided it needed a drawing. Read the rest of this entry


Transformice | The Last Balloon

Transformice co-op mice online game
Sorry kids, shammy says no more balloons for this round. They’ve run out of string, so unfortunate for anyone who’s been left behind.

Yes, well. Once this was me, and all I could do, sad and alone, was sit and cry while the successful mice all laughed, condescending little noses peeking down from their little lofts, hands full of cheese. It’s not that I didn’t get a balloon, no, it’s just that it lifted me up and then got stuck in the stream of other mice. Cruel, cruel fate.
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Rival Silver | Passerby Boy, HeartGold, and SoulSilver

Pokemon HGSS/GSC Rival Silver

... would like to battle!

Oh no, you saw his name! Here we have the new and improved graphically but somewhat watered down otherwise Silver, the darkest and therefore coolest rival of the Pokemon series (well, there ain’t much competition…), scoring another point for the monstrous total belonging to the second gen. games.

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Fiery Vulpix & New Pokemon Games!

Pokemon Vulpix


[Insert random speech about never posting here]

Recently, I was playing one of the new Pokemon games, SoulSilver (heck yeahhhh), when I caught a wild Vulpix and thought about how cool it and its evolution look and how I’ve never used one on my team in my life because I usually pick the fire starter.
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Ready?! | Regulus (+ BULZEEB) Fanart


Hardly fanart, when I've contorted the character this much.

Hi! I just got back from the allergy doctor, where I was painfully syringed on both arms and told to wait for twenty minutes! Hoorah!

So my brother and I have been playing Bomberman 64: The Second Attack — rather, he is playing while I, as Pommy, am running around jumping off cliffs and tripping over enemies — and it is bushels of co-op fun! A sequel to the amazing Bomberman 64, this puzzle-riddled action-adventure game involves the arduous quest of seeking the seven elemental stones in order to stop the space pirate Rukifellth (<- terrible name), who is being possessed by the god of evil, Stertoth (<- terrible name) in order to escape the black hole he and Pommy were sucked into. Oh dear. For a better description, go here.

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