Dark Angel Lawliet Wallpaper


Death Note Wallpaper
Woah! Crazy dark Death Note Wallpaper!

Happy birfdai, Levi! How on Earth did I remember? Maybe I’m just that magical. Anyway, here’s some wallpaper, because a.) I have nothing better to do with my life, and b.) Scratch that, I do, I just don’t want to do it. The request was for either Death Note, Silent Hill, or Flandre Scarlet wallpaper, but since I’ve never seen anything from Silent Hill in my life and there is no good official art of Flandre Scarlet (sorry ZUN, your art sucks), why not go the traditional route?

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It’s Randall, He Changes Colors!

Randall, from Monsters Inc.

I caught some sort of stomach flu last Monday/Tuesday, and I daresay it was not a fun experience. On Monday I basically slept for a few hours, then moved to a different room and watched some hardcore PBS Sprout, probably the best channel ever. I mean, it has Kipper and Angelina Ballerina.

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Samara Comes Out of the Well

Samara in a well

I watched The Ring! Yay! Except not, because I watched it right before bed, and then I was really depressed. I guess it was a sad movie, because I was depressed today too.
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Flandre Sits While I Play Unfitting Music

Flandre Scarlet Sits!!

Click for five juicy frames of Flandre. Long story short, I was playing Touhou and facing Flandre Scarlet with the music off and my iTunes running on another computer (the heck if one of them could run a Touhou game and iTunes at the same time), and Animal Crossing 5:00 AM music came on (think about that for a second) and I mused over the fact that it was pleasantly unfitting to the current scenario.
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Professor Layton’s Cup of Tea

Professor Layton with some tea

LAAAAYYYTTOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!! Dang, Layton’s shoes are ugly! I mean, look at those things! They’re green slabs with lines on them! Here’s a puzzle for you: where did the Professor buy those things?!

But I digress. This is the second of, hopefully, five pieces (don’t I sound professional!) I want to draw for my binders. The first being Marisa, as featured in a previous┬ápost. If you haven’t guessed, this one’s for English, because Professor Layton is, well, a professor (SPOILER ALERT!), and I’m going to assume he reads (not to mention he uh, is English).
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