Here’s all the fun stuff I’m working on (quote-unquote working). Yup, I’m just so super busy!

Reverie Project

An interactive (sorta?!?!) story I’m planning to do in flash! So far, the script is almost halfway done and man that is SO MUCH DONE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. The story focuses around a girl and her friends trying to uncover why they’re being followed…Oh the mystery! Oh the ambiguity! It’s simply too much to bear. Don’t worry, though, it’ll be so exciting, with pictures, music, animation, and more~! Stay tuned, I plan to get significant portions finished by the end of summer 2011.

read more on the Reverie Project here
listen to music from the Reverie Project

Touhou: Border of Fantasy

Going to be doing the music for a fanmade Touhou RPG by Hiroko and Cuauhtemoc of Lunatic Red~. Here’s their description:

With Reimu as the main protagonist she goes off to solve a new incident! Gensokyo is yet again invaded by a group of mysterious youkais, but their intent is much more ill then any youkai from before! This time will the livelihood of Gensokyo truly be in danger? Aside from a certain hell raven that is. Watch as the border between reality and fantasy fades away!

watch some demo gameplay of Touhou BoF
screenshot 1
screenshot 2

Pick and Choose 2

The sequel to the infamous (slash completely obscure) Pick and Choose, a flash game I made back in… *checks* … July 2009. The idea of the game is simply this: click bubbles, get characters, get points. Want to see it for yourself? Check the link below. It’s MILDLY ADDICTING AND FUN TO PLAY IN SCHOOL WHEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE (I am such a loser). The sequel was started and restarted many times and might see the light of existence if I manage to get around to it.

play Pick and Choose!

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