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Cool Higurashi Anime Wallpaper | Death Toll

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Wallpaper

It’s the big fat Higurashi post. Click the image for the full size and download Hojo Satoko, Sonozaki Mion, Maebara Keiichi, Ryuugu Rena, Sonozaki Shion, and Furude Rika right onto your computer! Wow the internet is so incredible. But I digress.

Higurashi. Is. An. Awesome. Series. I watched the first two seasons (because Rei just kind of looked like Bucky’s one-man side show over there) when I was sick (wait, I’m always sick) and all I can say is wow-y gee zowy kaplowy with a cherry banana splits on top, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is one great anime series, if not a mouthful of a title. I can honestly say I had like two fangasms watching, one of them because Hanyuu is the cutest thing ever, no arguments, and one of them was because my least favorite character was being stabbed to death. I sure am a great person.
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Samara Morgan Cries

The Ring Samara Morgan crying

Guess what, world! I watched The Ring again! (Check out my post after watching it the first time! 😦 ) This round, it was more enjoyable, mainly because… Read the rest of this entry

Who Doesn’t Love FIRO? (+Wallpaper)

Firo Prochainezo from Baccano!

I started watching Baccano and, frankly, it’s quite amazing. I mean, what other anime has everything from immortal mafias to robbers in Santa suits?

Among the favorites I’ve gleaned from the mesh of main characters is none other than this guy whose name I always mess up (Feri? Feni? Fino? Fromagio? Fettucini?!), Firo Procainezo in all his green Brooklyn glory.

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Naruto: Sasuke Wallpaper | A Photoshop Tutorial

I haven’t posted a tutorial in a long time, so I’d like to share some tips on creating a wallpaper with this fun step-by-step lesson. Here’s what we’re making:

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha NINJA WALLPAPER

Some basic anime wallpaper made in Photoshop

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Naruto Wallpapers | Uzumaki and Gaara

Naruto ninja desktop background

Naruto strikes a ninja pose on this fabulous orange wallpaper.

What’s this? Am I posting? What a foreign blog concept! Bah, you know me, busy as always. Especially this time of year, during exam season, where the rare semester exams migrate from the southern points of teachers’ desks onto the northern point of the students’. Plus I’ve been rummaging my brother’s bookshelves and piling up books for me to read. I’m considering starting a new sister blog to this one for book reviews, since I read so many! What do you think? 😀
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