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Cute Legend of Zelda Wallpaper (Link Sleeping!)


Legend of Zelda Link sleeping on your desktopRats, Link fell asleep on your desktop again! Every week this happens, God, somebody get him some coffee or something. Whatever, at least you get a free wallpaper. O3O
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Wind Waker Link (and Binder Art!)

(Just posting some of my old stuff…)

I was at a friend’s house recently, and we spent the time playing Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, a game I haven’t touched since I was little (maybe that’s because we lost our copy >_>). I was a little sloppy at the controls (heheh… a little…), but I still enjoyed it! So much, in fact, that I decided to draw something. Guess what it is!
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Awful Montage 1 (and L Wallpaper!)

One of the reasons I love Flash is that you can make things like this and torment humanity.

Awful Montage 1 Thumbnail

Click to see the Awful Montage 1

I have nothing else to say about this topic.

Moving on, I made SOME MOAR WALLPAPER. AWESOMEEE. First of all there’s some… Vaati wallpaper (SURPRISE!!1!!!). Take a look, kiddies:

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Link, He Come to Town…

…he come to save… the Princess Zelda, Gannon took her away…

You know the rest. Unless you don’t. Then you don’t know the rest. XD

Anyway, I think I’m basically done changing up the appearance of the site, and as you can see, we have a new banner. It has Link on it! Isn’t he cute? Not only does it look good, but for once it’s actually a full-body picture, see?
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