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Samara Morgan Cries

The Ring Samara Morgan crying

Guess what, world! I watched The Ring again! (Check out my post after watching it the first time! 😦 ) This round, it was more enjoyable, mainly because… Read the rest of this entry


Samara Comes Out of the Well

Samara in a well

I watched The Ring! Yay! Except not, because I watched it right before bed, and then I was really depressed. I guess it was a sad movie, because I was depressed today too.
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Naruto Wallpapers | Uzumaki and Gaara

Naruto ninja desktop background

Naruto strikes a ninja pose on this fabulous orange wallpaper.

What’s this? Am I posting? What a foreign blog concept! Bah, you know me, busy as always. Especially this time of year, during exam season, where the rare semester exams migrate from the southern points of teachers’ desks onto the northern point of the students’. Plus I’ve been rummaging my brother’s bookshelves and piling up books for me to read. I’m considering starting a new sister blog to this one for book reviews, since I read so many! What do you think? 😀
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Catch the Baudelaires | Challenging Flash Game

Can you catch those pesky orphans?

Behold, the product of 10+ hours, 120+ layers, ∞+ problems, and 900+ lines of actionscript (copypasta RULES). I said it’d be done by Wednesday, but, as you can see, I lied, and for a good reason. This thing was more than I bargained for. Regardless, it’s done, and I’m grateful for that this Thanksgiving.
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It's the Leviathan's birthday!Wait… your favorite colors are still purple and black, right? … Whatever

Happy Birthday Leviathan! How fortunate I have my own little birdie who tells me when important things happen around there (… it’s not Jello. *Shifty eyes*). Yes, I postponed working the flash game I was making to do this. Yes, it deserved a post. Okay, maybe it didn’t. But that’s okay because my blog is dying and I need to post something.
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