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The General’s Little Sister | Melisma Allegro

… Wait, what is this? Something I actually MADE and not fanart? Nonsense! Balderdash! I’ve never seen such a thing! Yes, well. Here it is. Just a little ditty I wrote for this character that has not done anything ever and therefore does not deserve a theme but gets one anyway.
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Pumpkins Don’t Like Puns (+ Yukari’s Theme)

"Pumpkins Don't Like Puns" Flash Preview
Click the image to see a flash comic, featuring pumpkins (HUZZAH I ACTUALLY KEPT MY PROMISE AND MADE A FLASH!)! Halloween may be two months away, but that doesn’t stop Shioiri from making a holiday contest, nor does it stop me from entering it.
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Unidentified Fantastic Object (+ Nue Art)

Beware of the longest post ever…

So I heard Touhou 12 is out? And this one is about some sort of “unidentified fantastic object”, yes? I’m not planning on downloading the game (I’m rubbish at the shooters and stick to fighters), but I’m going to review the cast for this new release…
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